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Next at bat, Coffee:


A poorly conceived legal case. A fraudulent filing of P.I. lawsuit for intentional self injury.
The term originated in the case of D.D.Drum vs. Pepsi Cola Co. Inc. where the plaintive, a well known litigious individual with dozens of spurious personal injury suits on his record, sought to sue the soda pop giant for injuries and loss of important bodily function due to a soda can exploding in his lap. Witnesses at the scene, however, described seeing the plaintif "gleefully shaking the hell out of a microwaved can of soda" while "chuckling avariciously" as he mumbled "sue the piss outa you pop m'fvckers"...ironically one might add...before purposely opening the can in close vicinity of his lap outside a 7-11 store sending shards of aluminum into sensitive bodily tissues. The term was accidentaly coined by a member of the media who misquoted a Pepsi Cola legal team member as having said "Pepsi Cola regrets Mr. Drum's injuries but feels vindicated that the court and jury quickly determined that this case was without merit and thus sodalitious, our victory is sweet".

"We ask that the judge throw out this case on grounds that it has already been found sodalitious in the case of D.D.Drum vs Pepsi Cola Co. Inc" opened the attorneys for 7-11 stores in the case of D.D.Drum vs 7-11 stores in the matter of a personal injury suit claiming inadequate monitoring of the use of a publicly accessible microwave oven.

Okayokayokay. Mr. Coffee, oh mon decaffeinated, nondimaggionated wunderkindercamper (sorry, I've been up all night) ...what I've been wondering is exactly how you expect me to pick your indisputably well-written, snappy, timely, topical and downright amusing entry to be the best of the lot... WITH MY HEAD FULL OF IMAGES OF MY BOUNCYBOYS IMPALED UPON LONG, TWISTED, RAZOR-SHARP RIBBONS OF ALUMINUM (or, for the benefit of my friends in the British Isles, ALUMINIUM)??!?!!???

Besides, those rumors were completely unfOW!OW!OW!OW!OWWWnded!

Stinging from the personal assault, I look to my friends for succor.

("SUCCOR!!!") Oh hey, it's Hyakujo's Fox! Hello, let's have a look...

sodalitious (adj) without due consideration of reputational consequence

Monday 6th July 2009, Mouseland, FLA.

In an effort to counter eyewitness testimony that he had been seen prior to an alleged incident, seated in his vehicle vigorously shaking a soda can in his lap, Mr. D. D. Drum, leapt to his feet and offered an impromptu demonstration to jurors in support of an alternate explanation of his actions that the judge later described as the most sodalitious thing he'd ever seen in a court of law.

I am hurt, Hy, truly hurt that you would entertain such utter fiction. But I tell you what, if you will just send me those pictures, and burn the negatives, I'll bestow you real good with this Genuine Replica nothing-inside-it-honest-injun of a can of Jolt Cola! Go ahead, hold it real close. Share it with Coffee...

Ladies and gentlemen, we are nearly finished here. Ignore that muffled whummp in the background, and behold the entry of the newly reenfolded kaskeens:

sodalitious-What you have to think the pepsi is after paying 6 bucks for it at Disney world

ZOUNDS and GADZOOKS... talk aboutcher Ring-O-Truth™! Folks, as much as I would like to break the rules and give the contest to Brynn for her inspiring multientry,

sodalitious - what it feels like to have the most fun reading a round since the invention of Cheez Whiz on a Ritz.

I am going to have to declare, in the name of Truth, Justice, and Mickey Mouse, that the winner of this chaotic, interrupted, oft-delayed round, and the recipient of the GOLDEN EARS OF GLORY... is


Take it away, KASK!
...or words to that effect.

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