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OK, having leucipottomized (or leucippotomized, or leuciddotomized) for long enough, herewith is the judgment:

coffee receives the Golden Bowl award and a year's worth of Thorazine for the following:

Leucipottomy: psy,

A variation of schizophrenia wherein the patient believes his/her feces are sentient and can converse with the patient

Some historians suspect that M. Bales' notorious early morning mutterings in the bathroom were more likely the result of leucipottomy rather than "poetical musings" as claimed in Bale's mostly auto-biographical memoirs. This unproven suspicion is, however, generally accepted, and is based on personal accounts by friends and family that the poet never flushed after himself and that he often reffered to bowel movements as "dropping off the boys".

Marcus Bales, you have won a Wrist Rocket and a lifetime's supply of loose apostrophes for ammunition in honor of the following:

Leucipottomy - apostrophe abuse, esp. using apostrophes wrong in two ways within the same sentence.

Coffee's use of the apostrophe after the s in Bales when it should have been apostrophe-s went from pottomy to leucipottomy when he abused a second apostrophe by misplacing it within the name: "Bale's".

a set of crampons, a "love apple" in a velvet case, and a framed picture of Rudolph Valentino for xfox:

Leucipottomy: To go to the mountain top of ones passion.

Mike and Zenyatta completed a faultless year and he felt the leucipottomy of a sure win in his future.

funkytuba receives a funky tuba with which to make Peanuts "wah-wah" teacher-voice noises for the following entry:

Leucipottomy - the act of removing a football from the path of the person trying to kick it

After the leucipottomy, Charlie Brown was left lying flat on his back wondering how he could have possibly fallen for it again

Brynnie receives a 1/3 share of coffee's Thorazine and a lifetime's supply of Duffy's Diner 2-for-1 burger coupons for this gem:

leucipottomy: the study of senseless mutterings while dabbling one's finger in a squirt of ketchup in order to draw pictures with it on the dining room table.

alas, poor Bales, add a rusty scalpel to your pile of DG schwag for this hasty entry:

leucipottomy - editing a post to add information after being reminded to do so.

Funky's reminder resulted in a quick leucipottomy from Bales.

everybody loves Hyakujo's Fox! hearty congratulations on not winning this round with this gallant effort:

Leucipottomy (n) An apocryphal book relating Moses' time with a travelling circus.

And Moses gave thanks to the LORD, for verily, unto each of the minutes of the day, the LORD has provided us a sucker.

...we award him a burning bush, a half-gallon of bush-fire-proofing snake oil, and a spare snake just in case.

Brynn's share of coffee's Thorazine is beginning to take effect, as she lands the coveted Been There Done That award:

leucipottomy - to willfully let go of all of one's mental moorings.

After one too many bottles of Prosecco at the celebrity gala, Blanche somehow ended up perched on the shoulders of John Hamm with her bare feet in the punch bowl - a spectacularly public leucipottomy that led inevitably to a long stint in the Betty Ford Clinic and oddly enough, expulsion from The Daughters of the American Revolution.

YsaPur EsChomuw wins the Oh God Why Don't I Judge This Game Quicker Next Time award, comprising a vintage 1983 Casio digi-analog quartz calculator watch and a western themed Chippendales calendar, for the following:

leucippotomy - a common delusion of the members of the fairer sex that Prince Charming on his white steed will eventually come to the rescue.

Aunt Mixie suffered from acute leucippotomy and carried sugar cubes and carrot sticks on her everywhere she went.

ah, dear MoJoRiSin: you have won the I C U Award for Surruptitiously Missing Consonants. Do remember stop round the back of the shop to pick up your prize - a bottle of ginkgo biloba and some fizzy vitamin C.

leuippotomy colloquial term used mostly in the British Isles
i means simply :: (in the state of) sitting on a cornflake waiting for the Van to come

Bales, you've won a wee bottle of scalpel-rust-remover and a plastic bottle of Black Velvet whiskey to aid you in the removal of those troubling nodes. I'm throwing in a rail ticket to Glasgow so you can go rub your parts at zero if you should so desire:

leucipottomy - removal of the homophonic nodes

Brynnie wins the Wolf Surfing Ribbon, and a pair of old metal key-skates and an Acme jet pack as an auxiliary prize for the following. I left them with Bales - you might want to check with him over at zero's after he recovers from the node-removal:

let's just say that things are in danger of going down hill from here:

leucipottomy - the act of rolling downhill perched in a grocery cart in one's underwear while howling at the moon and proclaiming something about wolves in general.

BUT the gold medal and the platinum standard for brevity under fire is awarded to none other than MISS TRISHERINA for the following:

Leucipottomy: Kosher killing of sea-cows.

here's the stunning knife and the baton, trish - have fun with them!
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