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heh. excuse the leucip(p)o(t)tomy.

the actual leucipottomy is "the act of carving horses into the turf of chalk hillsides" - although the structural validity of the word is debated. to wit:

The word would seem to have been coined by Morris Marples in his book White Horses and other Hill Figures of 1949. As many subscribers have pointed out since this article first appeared, Morris Marples was no Greek scholar. It looks as though it is formed from the Greek roots leuciĖ, white, hippo, horse, and the suffix Ėtomy. Unfortunately this last doesnít mean cutting or carving, but refers to cutting out or excising (as in many medical terms such as hysterectomy), so it actually means cutting off or excising white horses, which isnít the same thing at all. (And in any case, itís short one p and has one too many ts.) A better invention would be leucohippoglyphy or leucippoglyphy, but I canít find any evidence that either of these has ever been sighted. But if you have an urge to describe this little-known craft, at least now you will be able to avoid Mr Marplesí mistake.
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