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Originally Posted by venusupnorth
I just read that a while ago and still have a bad taste in my mouth. Why are these people so saddistic and lost?
They are provoking a retaliation....

Get the big evil occupiers to retailate and you will have more and more people lining up behind your cause. Terrorism in itself is not about the killing of people. In relative terms, terrorism kills very few poeple in relation to many other "preventable" causes of death. Unlike the others however, it grabs much more media attention. A bomb goes off, T.V's are filed with bloody images, the public screams, the opressor attacks in retaliation, and more people become drawn in to the "fundamentalist" or "extremest" cause. It's a sick logic that works all too well in favour of those carying backpack bombs. If there was no TV, there would be no terrorism.
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