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Originally Posted by craig johnston
not quite true there max. it depends what you call terrorism, but i think
that kidnapping and bombing civilians count, in which case both tactics
were used by the i.r.a. and the zionists way before tv. what was the
boston tea party by the way?
the word has been twisted so much that it has almost lost it's meaning.
it is amazing that bush can talk about 'the war on terrorism'. terrorism is
a tactic, not a state or set of ideas.
Terrorism is an abstract concept, most of what is labeled terrorism I consider to be guerilla warfare, non-traditional combat. If a group lacks numbers or resources comparable to their opponent they adopt a hit and run strategy. I suppose that attacks specifically directed at civiliians to inspire fear in them is terrorism, but the terrorism is not the whole, it is a strategy that is utilised.

The targeting of civilians is what really gets me, the commuters where simply normal working stiffs about their daily business. What have they got to do with whatever grudge is held against our governments. They have no real say in the way their nations are governed, does Tony Blair take the Underground?

Every civil liberty we sacrifice, every innocent muslim who is abused, every draconian securtiy measure and interogation technique we carry out is a victory for these radical muslims we call Al-Queda The challenge of democracy is to defend it's people while protecting their fundamental rights at the same time. The attacks have been an attack on our freedoms as well and that is a battle we are losing.
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