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Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
And it's as If I didn't already know who the stonee is supposed to be right?
I just want to be clear about something. I'm the one who brought up stoning, and I did it as a reference to my favorite line in a movie called The Life of Brian. In that scene, some people are at the Sermon on the Mount, but they're too far away and/or too uninterested to hear his teachings on peace. They drivel on for a bit, missing the "blessed are the peacemakers" bit entirely, and then one of them says, "This is boring. Let's go to a stoning." They don't mean that they're going to stone the speaker, Jesus. It's just that they aren't really there to hear what he's saying, and they go on with their normal lives. From one perspective, that may be sad. But from the other, it's effing hilarious.

So I want to say, for my own benefit really, that it wasn't my intention to imply stoning The Duke, although I enjoyed where the thread went. When I said, "Good thing I'm not a sinner," I meant it as a bit of a mock on people who really think they aren't, including myself. I love that everyone else turned it into a game, too. This place is fun for me, and I need a little fun lately. Life, as a very smart person once said, is much too important to be taken seriously.

It might seem a little odd that I'm comparing The Duke to Jesus, but I kind of am. In my belief system, which is exactly as valid as everyone else's and no more or less, everyone is my teacher. It's easier for me to see this in some people than others, but still I try to bow just as much.

No more or less.

And then I throw Funyuns.

That's just me going on with my normal life.
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