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formatting Brynn's bullying rule:

Parts 11-20

Rule #11 - On Forgiveness

11a. Be generous with Forgiveness.

11b. Try to understand both sides

11c. If you cannot understand both sides, find your own side, poke it twice and giggle quietly. Poke it three times if you are not that ticklish.

11d. When all else fails, offer fresh baked cookies.

Rule #12 - On Irony and Its Applications in Ways That Are Not Easy To Understand, But Are Apparently Irresistible to "I".

12a. See Rule

Rule #13 - On Rules

13a. Rules are more like guidelines: as in "Rules are too stultifying for what we are trying to create here".

13b. The above is a rule, and should not be taken lightly as one might a guideline.

13c. When in doubt, ask. Specific doubt is better than general doubt.

13d. Rules can change.

Rule #14 - Of or Pertaining to Action Phrases

14a. posts intended to indicate a single action must be set between asterisks. (example: *posts new rule*)

14b. multiple actions must be separated into individual action sets, each with an associated asterisk pair. (example: *posts new rule* *comes up with examples*)

14c. actions must be phrased in present tense.

14d. failing to close an action phrase with the second asterisk will result in an interpretation of ongoing action in every subsequent post, regardless of content, until such time as the poster remembers to insert the errant asterisk.

Rule #15 - On Bullying

15.a. Bullying shall be defined as "choosing any individual for ongoing harassment, belittlement and/or abuse, whether or not they deserve it."

15b. Gentle teasing is not bullying. However, if an individual takes exception to what you consider gentle teasing, you must desist, make polite apologies, and feel very silly and embarrassed for a day or two or until your unintended victim tells you youíre off the hook, whichever takes longer.

15c. If you donít like someone for any reason Ė say, they donít speak English too well, you suspect they have Republican tendencies, or they just make you feel icky - you must try putting them on ignore.

15c.1. If you cannot resist peeking at the ignored member's posts once you have put them on ignore, will not be held accountable for any anger, disgust, revulsion, nausea, headaches, cramps (including butt puckering), homicidal impulses, psychotic breaks, and other negative reactions you may experience.

15d. You'd do well to remember that all offense is self-inflicted, for how we choose to react to bullying determines the intensity of how offended we actually end up being.

Rule 16 - On Getting Too Serious

1. Dont.
2. Know your chicken.

Rule #17 - On Appreciation

17a. Express genuine gratitude.

17b. See Rule #11

17c. Expressions of appreciation must not be used for the purpose of manipulation (or not too much).

17d. Ass Kissing is the Pun of Appreciation.
17di. less it's a cute one. turn around please. (see rule #16)

Rule #18 - On Acceptable Forms of Negativity

18a. Always love your fellow monkeys
18b. Giving someone a swat on the ass is acceptable if needed. This shall also be known as an infarction.
18bi. Perfectly acceptable and encouraged to ask the man whose name is in the url before you give a swat.

Rule #19 - On Love

19a. Always love your dog
19ai. Always love yourself.
19b. You do not have to love your fellow Monkeys, but you do need to treat them with respect.
19bi If you cannot follow Rule 19b, one of the moderators will work it out with you until you can be respectful.
19c. Agreeing to disagree is always acceptable.
19d. Following rule 19a/19ai is highly suggested to be an action of first resort, for even if your dog is a cat or a ficus, this action will make rules 19b - 19c very easy, and may even protect you from public underwear folding or unwanted pets from creature corner.

Rule #20 - On Taking Responsibility For Your Words And Actions

20a. If you are being a jerk and you know it, please just apologize.
20ai. There is no need to justify your actions, in fact, you can't. If you did something wrong, own up to it. Take responsibility & say 'I was wrong and I'm sorry'. Explaining bad behavior away with excuses just makes it seem like you really don't regret your actions.
20b If you are getting messages from several people (let's say 8 or more) that you are being a jerk, assume that you are and see rule 20a. Jerk.[/quote]
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