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Rules 40-50

Rule #40. - On Siblings
Siblings are nice, but full disclosure is required, unless you don't feel like it, or unless you are twins.

Rule #41. - On How to Properly Distribute Attention and Huggles
41a. Ebullience is good.
41b. Stalking is bad.

Rule #42. - On Evacuation

42a. plan and emergency
Include a week's supply of water in your "go bag" and an axe.
Duct tape and a towel might be nice.

42b. email contact list in case of fire or flood

Rule #43. - On When to Makes Polls

43a. poll the people on all things and everything

43b. always allow at least four options and other

Rule 44 - On Registration

1. Rules are for newbies.
2. Registration is blocked. There will be no newbies.
3. If you go away long enough to forget what your password is, and then years later it comes back to you in a weird kind of inspirational flash and you somehow manage to log in, you automatically become a newbie again with no history whatsoever.
4. Aren't we all newbies, really, forever and ever? Discuss. Use complete sentences.
5. Registration may be reopened whenever the time is ripe.

Rule #45 - On what to do when a board member is on vacation for its re-naissance
Send a PM offering to explain and restart their favorite thread.

Rule #46 - On the cessation of new rule category creation, so that the rules may someday actually be written up.
Now would be a good time.

Rule #47 -On how to completely escape firestorms and emerge equipped with concise summary from another board member while one is out of town.
Yeah. Good luck with that.

Rule #48 - On flogging a dead horse
Step 1: It's not a bad idea to put on a smock.
Step 2: Grasp blunt instrument firmly, using traditional golf club grip. If unsure, contract with Tiger Woods or Chichi Rodriguez for instruction.
Step 3: Raise both arms above head. If dizziness results, sit down and think about what you're doing with your life.
Step 4: Lower arms in a downward arc, using all the muscle power of your back, biceps, and forearms, until blunt instrument contacts horse.
Step 5: Repeat as necessary. (Hint: "Necessary" is defined as, "roughly 1/100 of what you imagine to be necessary. Possibly less."

Rule #49 - On How Confused is Confused
i. spinoza
see truth
ii. kant
see truth
iii. montaigne
see truth
iv. here, have a burritos
eat some good food, have a beer, sit back, enjoy the ride

Rule #50 - When in Doubt
1. ask ze
2. the end.

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