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Originally posted by surbhi
so why does one become an atheist? Is there a specific incident that makes a person deny the existence in god? I've been wondering about this for awhile.
I can tell you how it happened to me apart to all philosophic debates (that I certainly made in my head for many years).
I was always very dubtful, tried to understand the Bible, that we were studing during sunday lessons and so I started to ask myself many questions and I understood there are no answers. I've noticed how many simply stupid things are telling different "religious leaders", how greedy for money and power they are.
In effect I stopped to go to church, than to pray, then to ask myself questions about bible etc. After some time I realized I'm not praying or thinking of God and in the same time my life become easier, even if in I was even more "moral" and had more conservative conviction about how I should live, than before. I think that the atheism in my life was like religiousness in other's people life.
I don't say there is no god (how can I be sure?), I just don't care if it exist or not.
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