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doundake - a period of time varying from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the whim of the doundaker; from the Scots doun, decision + take; the consonant shift seems to have been alliterative.

"This Flanders, now," said the MacTrish, "is she a doundaker of overfine shagreen, who labors to find all the weeds in the garden before pulling any, or will she kedgeree with the best of them?"

"Nay," said McCoffee, "her doundrakin' is famous for its fairness."

"It's not her fairness," retorted the MacTrish, "it's her timing."

McCoffee nodded "I get you now -- and I have no idea whether she's eleemosynary or phanerogamous, but look at the propiolic tranche on her! Ow!"

"Keep your sexpartite speustics to yourself, then, and I won't have to crunchatize your mundifant bleathe again."


"And watch your tone, too -- I've got my eye on you, you estifogal blib."


"That's better."
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