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Originally Posted by 12"razormix View Post
i can't help but wonder: what exactly did you celebrate, klynne?
We celebrated that a man was convicted of murdering his wife when she was trying to leave him.

He knocked her out, fracturing her skull, strangled her with a belt, and dumped her nude body along the freeway. Their 18 month old son was present the whole time.

Prior to him murdering her, he beat the crap out of her. She suffered insomnia, but could not take her sleeping pills because she would wake up in the morning with semen and vomit on her chest.

She could not talk to her parents on her home phone. He monitored her every move. She could only talk to her parents from her work phone. When she left the house she had to call and report her every move. I think she, truly loved her husband, and wanted to work it out for the sake of their child. She called her mother two days before she was murdered and told her to "get my room ready, I'm coming home". She was 23 when he killed her.

He beat his first wife and held her captive for two days. When he discovered that she had escaped, he went to the bank, cleaned out the accounts and filed for divorce.

I have not even touched the tip of the ice berg here.

I apolgize if anyone is offended that after the verdict we were happy. But we were and an evil person has been taken off the streets never to hurt another woman again.
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