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Polynopolis-I'm sorry, Proffessor, but I have no choice but to take over this whole project. You are a hapless asshole and I feel that you will bungle this whole thing...and I cant let that happen.

Kravitz-how could you even suggest taking it over! I've been researching this since I was in diapers! I am the only one for this project!

{Camera pans across their sweaty faces a couple times, then focuses on Polyopolis's angry eyes}

[Polynopolis gets up from his chair and faces Kravitz]
Polynopolis-I'm so sorry, Kravitz. You were always a good friend.
[He backs away untill his back is to the desk. He picks up a marble statue behind his back and advances on Kravitz, speaking rapidly] You never really grasped the secret of this project. I did! I knew the key to this all before you did! You'll try and claim the credit!I know it![sighs and stops in front of Kravitz] In the end, all your work will be mine...and you will have vanished into the dusts of time.[laughs maniacally and slams the marble figure into Kravitz's temple]

vanished into the dusts of time.
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