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The Big Man Upstairs

Looked around for a place to put this, couldn't find any particular spot.

Since there has been some interest regarding the onset of human life I felt that that question must have a proceeding one, is there a God and how do you know?

Here's one persons journey that is worthy of your time, as well as, entertaining. You'll have to work a little to get to this particular story, though the entire show is wonderful (as always) and you'll need an audio device - RA or WMC.

Archives - Year 05 - scroll down to Godless America - 6/3 - Episode 290
Act Two. God Said, Huh? Julia Sweeney, a Catholic, tells the story of how her faith began to crack after reading a most alarming book ... called the Bible. Her story is excerpted from her play, "Letting Go of God," which ran in Los Angeles. Her other one-woman monologues are "God Said, "Ha!" and "In the Family Way." (29 minutes)

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