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Originally Posted by Jack Flanders View Post
My experience with pissed off ants is when I have moved flag stone or concrete and then see their tunnels. Buck up and have the anti-ant poison ready to go. You need to kill the eggs or you'll be dealing with this forever.
I found the nest last night! They were under a tiny plant saucer and some leaf litter, and then partially under the front sidewalk. I read a study (on the Texas Fire Ant Project I think - lord, I am a nerd) that said orange oil worked as well as poison on whatever sub-species is in this area, and it has been working well. Treated the nest, first ant-free morning in a couple of weeks!!

I got bitten on the bottom of the foot whilst commencing wholesale ant murder, so I feel it every time I take a step today. I HAT fire ants.
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