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Goin' Back to Kill Hitler - a screenplay

Okay, first the basic story...
I was reminded of this by one of nycwriters' chit chat quizzes. I wanted to write a Mel Brooks-like comedy about this Physicist who figures out how to travel through time. Once he does he decides he simply has to go back to Nazi Germany and kill Adolph Hitler before he rises to power. Well, unfortunately he learns the hard way that you just can't change history. History is set. So the Physicist goes back with a complete schedule of when Hitler's going to be where and tries to off him. But all sorts of little things go wrong to keep him from being able to change things. Funny slapstick things. So you have this Mel Brooksian character trying desperately to get to the place he knows Hitler's going to be... failing miserably... and watching the oblivious Adolph sail by unaware that history has saved him.

Got that? Okay, here're the rules..
1) While there's no strict entry length, like 3 words or a sentence, keep your contribution as short as you can while being descriptive, or funny, or whatever you're trying to be.

2) It's a screenplay so you'll need to add descriptions of scenes, camera movement, character direction and dialogue as necesary

3) As long as we keep the story outline in mind, its off to the races... ALTHOUGH... If the thing gets way off track and begins to languish for too long I reserve the right to go back in and do surgery.

So if that makes sense... Let us begin

In the foreground electronic equipment crackles, snaps, and pops with the dancing arcs of electricity as we dolly past it to a man furiously writing arcane formulae on a chalkboard that stretches the entire circumference of a cavernous laboratory. He writes and writes. And writes and writes. He pauses for a moment, then he writes and writes some more. He writes a bit more, looks ready to stop, then writes a bit more. He approaches the end of the board and starts to write smaller. Finally he is writing in very small figures indeed. With a flourish he makes a final stroke, stands back and looks at the grand theory he has written. He claps his hand to his forhead and announces...


The door flies open and...
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