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coffee - thanks for the miyavi! great pic, that used to grace my binder a few years back to scare the teachers with! and that muffin looks scrummy!

thanks red, i'll try and ignore whorepants.

lala, i want to see pics of you with that hair!

zero, that pic would make a great shirt!

thanks xfox, i will.

yes dinz, this agent DOES have a stiffy.

clytie, how did you know i ate cake like that?????

nice to see ya around again perky

beale, they WILL come true...or else.

i love that pic, smoothy! i mean, chacha.

puahahaha, my future band will have a tad more eyeliner. but thats very close.

thanks frieds!

rimmie, pic doesnt work but i think i know what it was!

Hyakujo's Fox, thanks for the vyvyan...i will cherish it forever!

loving the miyavi pics, aphro!


Which Gackt are you most like?

quiz by mcvarmazi

You are the sweaty, open shirted and giant-cargo pants Gackt.
Nobody except Gackt knows what the title of this song is supposed to mean, but the meaning of the song itself is bright in its clarity.
Passionate with a touch of edgy, this song is a mouthful to pronounce and an eyeful (a good one!) to watch. The guys on Utaban got a kick out of Gackt performing this one live, if not just for the song, for the awesome choreography! Anyone who ever said Gackt couldn't dance was dreadfully wrong. The fact that he's still singing his best even though he is jumping up makes this song even cooler.

hahaha, i love that live....

loving the pics, rune....spiderman is HOT!!!!

thaaaanks tuba.
"Genesis: First, I'd like to say reality is invisible to the naked eye. You and me both know that life is a real bitch. Doing your best, you say? That's not good enough."
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