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Lol, sorry, very rude I know! How are you all, I've not even began to read through some of the stuff I've missed, it's going to take for ever & I won't have time for a while. I actually ended up back on here thanks to Uni, we're looking at Haiku's & I remembered a section on here about them so thought I'd have a look. Anyway, I can't even remember when I last got round to coming to say hello, must be a while ago now! I've now got my very own laptop, but still no broadband at my house which sucks. I'm in my 4th year at Uni, doing a Masters degree & a teacher's degre at the same time. I'm still working part time doing assistant teaching in a school. Leo is now 4 and a half & fantastic, I'll try & post a pic soon if anyone's interested.
So that's me summed up, what about you all? Is everyone still alive & well? WHat have you all been up to over the past however long it's been?
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