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How does Israel really win this war with Hezbollah, or anybody else who wants to see Israel destroyed? That is the question I ask myself, and what I have found disturbs me to think it, but I don't see many other options out there that pose much hope for lasting peace. While I don't suggest that any of my thoughts have a place in todays world, I'll throw them out here for some thought. The only wars that are won are those where one side is the clear looser, and the other side is the clear winner. The best example of this is WWII. The tactics employed during WWII were brutal from all sides. One of the tactics used during WWII against Germany was carpet bombing. This included cities which had many civilians. Again in Japan we dropped two atomic bombs; killing thousands with a big bang. The point here is that the will to fight had been lost by our enemies. There is a huge psychological effect with these types of tactics. Of course these tactics find no room in todays word because of technology and the speed at which information is moved from one end of the globe to the other. How many of us would eat a steak if we had to watch the cow being killed and slaughtered? Well the same thing goes for the tactics of the past. Because will all get to see the dramatic effects of war, we have a tendency to loose our appetite for war. It is hard for many to support a war when they see the blood. The truth is, we were much more effective at winning the war when it was off the TV screen, and information moved at a snails pace.

So will Israel win peace through war? It will depend on how much will to fight is lost by their enemies. I have my doubts because the modern world wants their wars to be conducted with surgeon gloves.

I hope for peace, but there may need to be a lot of blood letting before the differences can be resolved.
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