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history's turnovers

history has way of turning around so radically sometimes at the end of the day you feel like writing a check to pay your "stupid tax" without anyone asking you for it. Do you think? is it possible that in like a hundred or two hundred years from now or maybe much sooner there will be a memory of a holocaust against muslims by the jewish and christian world?
I pretty much think that is a very possible scenario. So what would we do in that case? build monuments and tell the muslims they can do whatever they want just to compensate for screwing them big time? No ofense to the jews but that is exactly what the last 50 years were for them.
I can only ask, why do we do it? maybe people like feeling guilty, maybe people like it when you feel guilty for them.
So anyway, I say leave this muslim people alone! before we have to start paying new debts. Let them be as they are, in tim they will decide to stop death penalty, stop jihad, let theyr women show a little skin and such but for now let's not try to "free" everybody. Ok?
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