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Originally Posted by Brynn View Post
I think anyone who extrapolates characteristics about a group in general based on the actions of a few individuals is prejudiced/racist.
well then let's just lay it out on the table. everyone makes judgments. and the human brain seeks to extrapolate. every single person on god's green earth (as an atheist i use that expression loosely) passes judgment and applies stereotypes based on however he/she comes to terms with the volumes on information and interaction experienced on a daily basis.

if we're going to be completely honest, i'd call bullshit on anyone who said a firm uncompromising "no" to topcat's question. okay, so maybe we don't all pass judgment based on race, sometimes it's based on gender, or the kind of car someone drives ("ugh, i hate hummer drivers!"), or the zip code they live in, or their religion, or a million other ways in which people can be subdivided and classified. we just aren't typically aware of how it comes out of our mouths.

i think a better question than "are you racist" is "are you anything-ist" racist, sexist, ageist, whatever, it's all borne of the same judgmental crap. racism isn't inherently better or worse than all of the other ways in which you can diminish the individuality of any particular person.

and every one of us is subject to that weakness, at some point in our lives, in some way, whether subtle or blatant. and i'll admit that i do it. most times i think it makes for great comedy and that's my intent. if i call someone a jeep-driving frat bro, it's generally a humorous poke. but it's still judgemental and -ist of me.
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