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Originally posted by masterofNone
it started off as a joke about "rewarding verbosity." a joke that wasn't taken too well by two. their response was annoying. my response was to be mildly annoyed. their responses were quite different at this point. one felt insulted, decided i wasn't his cup of tea and withdrew (he's never bothered me again and i've never had a discouraging word to say about him since).
OK, for this post you exist. Lets get my side of the story in. After I'm finished posting this, you don't exist again.
The "rewarding verbosity" post I took as a joke and responded in kind. As I recall, we were making jokes in nyc's welcome thread and you took offence at that and posted the single word "christ". I made a joke about that and you told me, and I quote you exactly here, **** off.
Gosh-a-rooty! Why would I ever be insulted by that?
Probably because before that I respected you. I've, up to now, found your posts to be interesting and often amusing. I don't bother reading anything with your name on it anymore. I came in here when it became obvious on fast chat that things were heating up again. Call it morbid curiousity as to who you were riling up and why.
You never offered an apology to me for insulting me. You did insult me, sir.
That's why I don't bother you anymore. And, no, this doesn't prove your point. You are pointless. You don't exist again. Bye!

Edited to add an apology to zenbabe for hijacking her thread. I'll go away now.

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