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I have my copy of The Mists of Avalon waiting for me to read it... I think I'll get started on it this afternoon. So many of my cyberfriends and RL friends have recommended it... I have no doubt that I too will enjoy it. I also have a copy of The Lovely Bones that I have yet to crack. I have more books in my office/library than I have time to read. Actually, I end up reading a lot more non-fiction than anything else. Not as fun, but very useful.

Let's see... I agree that Beloved is excellent (Toni Morrison is great)... I recommend just about anything by Margaret Atwood (I especially liked The Handmaid's Tale)...


Amy Tan
Isabel Allende
Gabriel Garcia Marquez---Love in the Time of Cholera

And for just 'fun' summer type reads, The Nanny Diaries and Animal Husbandry are enjoyable.
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