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Lime (a playlet)

In kitchen-time. With an of-course tempo.

: Love me some Holly-sap to snare chickadee-dee-dee.

: No more and no more dinner. See my house is flailing around me? No
more winged supper

: With hair, cement: use mine to bind this house. Now let me capture
it. Sugar me up.

: With that sap to remove all-skin? I'd rather.


: Good dry rivers have the clay-foot stomping we need we need for house.

: Me the mother lain too long in this spot and white them in every
doorjamb. Feed on my peel, slip slip.


: I am hungry in the daylight. Trap them, and feed me.

: A phosphor-glare. Where I am famous. Bird-stain famous.

Anne Heide
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