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Father Bob Maguire expected to keep his job

FATHER Bob Maguire is expected to keep his beloved job after overwhelming support from Victorians for the knockabout priest.

The deadlock between Father Maguire and Melbourne's Catholic archdiocese over a request for his retirement is close to being resolved, sources said.

The Herald Sun believes the archdiocese, which invited Father Maguire's resignation on his recent 75th birthday, will allow him to stay parish priest in South Melbourne.

Talks were held yesterday between Father Maguire and his advisers and representatives of Catholic Archbishop Denis Hart.

Father Maguire would not confirm details of the meeting, but said discussions were continuing. He said he was confident of a result that would please both parties.

The Herald Sun believes an agreement could be revealed this week.

Canon law states that a priest must offer to retire on his 75th birthday. The archbishop can accept or defer the retirement.

But in a letter to the archbishop last week, a defiant Father Maguire, a champion of the poor and homeless and long-standing parish priest at Saints Peter and Paul Church, politely declined to retire.

Father Maguire said he was concerned that his parishioners and the disadvantaged he helped around South Melbourne were fretting about his fate.

"We are holding discussions to try to resolve the matter and we are close to agreement," he said.

"I don't want people to worry about me."

He said he hoped for a swift decision on his future to put his supporters "out of their misery". Archbishop Hart has previously revealed his concerns about poor financial management of the parish.
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