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You are tranported back in time to Renaissance Italy, where you are the lowest and newest apprentice to the meanest Journeyman of the Master of Voice in the Florentine court of Count Medici. You have been assigned to sing the note Asharp in various octaves for 10 consecutive hours today, continuing your month's assignment to perfect Asharp...Other than your hourly 5 minute break, should you waver or pause for more than the time required to refill your lungs you will be lashed, beaten, mentally harranged, or more likely all of the above, by the vindictive Journeyman in charge of your basic note practice...but then who can blame him given that it is his task to Listen to you shriek Asharp for a solid freaking month as part of his ear training...and beating you is his only relief from the painful tedium.

p.s. You have also been turned into a young boy and you were castrated last week.

I wish I had 3 more wishes.

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