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*Gets the ball rolling*


Let's have an entendre contest. Highest multiple wins.

Quintuple entendres are possible but usually require several cross-linguistic homonyms of some sort. The use of dead language to accomplish this really has to tie in with your entendre though. And artificial languages you gotta really justify.

Non-Sequitur are for lazies. Entendre are about cramming more meaning than yer supposed to into things, not being a lazy absurdist. Anyone can be absurd. Boo to that.

You can set it up or get anecdotal if you wish. leave a hint if it's extra-lingual and it isnt a romance lang:

"Honey, once I took that Naginata self-defense course I never felt threatened again. You just Knee, hon, and Go! It's totally 'die G.I. Joe', Boo!"
(Japanese: 2 English: 1 Score: 3)

Like that. Sorta. I'm sorry to anyone who speaks Japanese. That was awful, but bad puns are where it all starts.
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