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I submit that the same part of the brain that creates intense compassion for the less typically appealing members of the animal kingdom is also responsible for excessive pun and entendre appreciation, because now there are two of you (the other being a vet in Minneapolis), and as everyone knows all you need are two people who meet the inclusion criteria, and before you know it, the generalizations are right there looking you in the face, along with some sketchy-looking attempts at regression analysis.

At this rate, in a couple of decades you should find yourself happily married to a full partner in a construction law firm who slightly resembles James Taylor, the mother of two children, and still taking on "foster" and "adoptive" animals at an alarming rate. Your penchant for puns will lead you to do slightly embarrassing things -- like calling a pet rabbit "Dust" -- (dust bunny... ouch), but you'll continue to be socially acceptable at most charity events. I'm sorry if any of this didn't really fit with your plans, but it's in the stars.
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