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I just came across this site called "Beard Board" where...yep, you guessed it - people engage in "discussion of all aspects of facial hair, and where support is most welcome from all comers whether bearded or not."

I love the comments:

Whoa!!! That is one awesome beard! Perfect job trimming it!!!

I rub my beard all the time. My girlfriend tells me it creeps her out, but I love it. The longer it gets the softer it gets and mine is just now starting to get fairly soft. I also like to rub it when contemplating things . . . just for fun. There's just something magical about a bearded man stroking his beard when thinking. When people ask me questions I stroke my beard before answering them -- it seems to give my answers more weight or legitimacy. It's amusing to see how people respond to public beard stroking.

Shoot Bearded1, don't mess! You look like one bad-a*% mo-fo.

Is that stache wax you got going on? I've got to pick some up and try the stache shaping. I tell you, eating can be a real pain nowadays...
I'm totally considering infiltrating the place to see if I can get them to answer my "urgent shaving questions".

edit: the sad thing is, they're more active than us.
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