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^watch that instead

This is an interesting film that one should think not as a documentary about a Jordanian collecting trash but more an explanation of a culture westerners have trouble understanding. I suspect this film may be a doc spiced with some.... hmmm shall we say nondoc story telling. We are told early in the film due to an economy chronically gasping for air, Middle Eastern impoverished men often relocate to Europe or the States for employment or else become Islamic extremists and if resettling in the land of Infidels for jobs they are not good Muslims. Hard choices. Early in Abu Amars life he left Jordan to fight with the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan(a good Muslim) though the film starts off much later in the Jordanian city of Zarqa(home of modern day folkhero-Musab al-Zarqawi) where Abu is eking out a living driving around in a failing truck with his kids rounding up cardboard. Despite needing to borrow rent for his slum apartment he has a working TV, cell phone, eight kids and seems to always have food on the table(same in Americas slums.) This along with an UNfilmed foray by Abu into war torn Baghdad allegedly towing cars for sale/delivery made me wonder Recycles veracity. Abu struggles day to day while grousing his financial problems are the result of his estranged father though does not elaborate meanwhile is working on a book which he lacks the funds to publish. There are friends of Abus, couch philosphers who appear repeatedly discussing/explaining Islamic and Middle East culture/politics. Amusing they understood why Afghanistan was invaded after 911 but the reason to invade Iraq escapes them, me too. No cultural divide there. At the end Abu faces the decision of leaving his country for economic opportunity. The ending though poignant also makes me wonder(?real.) Regardless, well done and culturaly enlightening.
movie review found at netflix dot com

2007NR76 minutes
In a rundown Jordanian city, ex-mujahedeen Abu Amar struggles to provide for his family while also trying to accomplish his goal of getting his book published. But no matter how hard he tries, he can't seem to escape suffering daily humiliations. This documentary, which takes place in Zarqa, the hometown of the late Islamic militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, follows Abu Amar's experiences as he tries to build a normal life.

Cast:Abu Amar Director:Mahmoud al Massad Genresocumentaries, Foreign Movies, Foreign Documentaries, Dutch Movies, Middle Eastern Movies, Arabic-Language MoviesLanguage: Arabic This movie is:GrittyAvailability:Streaming

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