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New Yorke Times lead article. July 4 2011.

Results of the so far 2 year long sweeping investigation into the insider trading and financial collusion between banks, politicians, Wall Street insiders, and securities managers have resulted so far in hundreds of arrests and thousands of partial and complete asset seizures totaling trillions of dollars. CEOs, CFO's, current and former U.S. Senators and Congress people, top investment firm managers and even aides, floor traders and private investment managers (referred to as Collaborators) have been identified as knowingly participating in the creation and manipulation of a real estate investment bubble based on overvalued sub-prime mortgages, lumping those loans into investment vehicles designed to fail and then taking out insurance polices against those same investment vehicles, essentially raking money out of their manufactured bubble while positioning themselves to walk away with trillions in profits when the bubble burst...profits which put thousands of homeowners out of their homes, put millions more in threat of foreclosure, bankrupted businesses small and large, and even a couple of nations.
The Collaborator assets seized thus far amount to nearly 85% of the ill gotten profits as calculated by an international financial tribunal selected from leading colleges and universities with full disclosure of all discussions and document reviews available at all times for pubic oversight, as that was deemed the best way to ensure complete impartial oversight of the trillions of dollars of assets under review given that so many nations and so many millions of people have a stake in the staggering amount of assets seized.
As agreed, the seized properties, businesses, and other assets are being liquidated and distributed to the victims of the financial meltdown as fairly as possible with priority given to home replacement, job restoration, and health care remediation. Nations, States and Municipalities will be awarded an as yet to be determined percentage of the assets for the purpose of infrastructure improvements delayed by the financial meltdown caused by the Collaborators. By now millions of applicant documents from individuals, families, small businesses, municipalities, retirement funds, etc. etc. have been reviewed and corroborated, as part of the sweeping financial investigation, even as the primary fault finding criminal investigations were being conducted in anticipation of today's announcement, and thus hundreds of thousands of cases are poised to be compensated even as this issue is going to press. The re-compensation process is expected to, of course, take a considerable time more, but public confidence is polling very high thus far that the governments of the world were shaken into a sense of financial responsibility and are dealing with the financial treason of those named in the investigation so far, in a fair and reasonable way.
International Marshals are rounding up flight risks, some criminals are in hiding yet, but most of those named in today's announcement are cooperating and or already in custody. Many nations have already made it clear that they are not willing to consider a death penalty option (except in a few cases of what are being termed Egregious Financial Treason), despite sizable public favor especially in the United States, known for it's turbulent and shifting stance on the death penalty, but life imprisonment is almost certainly deemed to be a likely sentence for those key players in the Wall Gate Financial Crisis of 2008.

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