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Max, I think your thought was well expressed.

IMHO in 1965 when Medicare and health insurers began paying the doctors directly everything changed. In 1965, and prior, if you had medical insurance you paid the doctor directly. When that changed, and medical malpractice got out of hand, well, the patient was out of the loop. (I know some doctors who quit practice because of high premiums). Insurers add significantly to the cost of healthcare by employing armies of "middlemen" that stand between the patient and the doctor. Doctors are specializing to the point of loss of the 'family doctor' who treated a patient from the aspect of being a person, and an organism.

The FDA and the drug companies have a symbiotic relationship. Our economy will continue to pay for and enjoy cures for awful diseases and conditions. We have the best healthcare in the world, in spite of many inequities, like advertising a drug that brings pleasure for old folks.

Hope you're in for something minor.
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