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material_boi18: aimee
chasingaimee2: terry gurl
material_boi18: i'm in orlando
material_boi18: and it's fabulas
material_boi18: i so want to stay here longer
material_boi18: omg
material_boi18: there is a hurrican comming
chasingaimee2: NOOOOOOO
chasingaimee2: COME HOME NOWWWWW
material_boi18: it's going to be so cool
chasingaimee2: take pictures
material_boi18: i so am
chasingaimee2: i miss you baby
material_boi18: i miss you
material_boi18: i auditioned for the real world
chasingaimee2: omg, i hope you get in!
chasingaimee2: where would they film it>
material_boi18: dunno yet
material_boi18: but i mentioned you in my audition tape
material_boi18: i was like i have a fag hag her name is aimee she is my gurl let me tell you we do everything togeather
chasingaimee2: awwwwwwwwww
material_boi18: hell yeah gurl your fabulas
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