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I'm a tea-drinker. Tetley's for preference - brewed very strong, with goat milk in it (I'm allergic to cow's milk). Sometimes I take a half teaspoon of sugar, but lately not.
Hidden meaning? I have a hidden traditional streak, but I'm nonetheless unable to conform.

Out of the five tastes, I prefer bitter. I like the bitter taste of tea that's been brewed a little too long. I like bitter because it keeps you on your toes. It's a complex kind of sensation - hard to love, but worth it if you succeed.

...If I might jump-start a question for tomorrow (it's almost tomorrow here - it's tomorrow already on the other side of the Atlantic...!)

What's your preference in the range of the five tastes? And why?

- Salty
- Sweet
- Sour
- Bitter
- Umami*

*Umami being the kind of proteinaceous flavor you realize you're missing after a day of eating nothing but potato chips.
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