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I'm not the kind of girl that married dear dad
I don't bake apple pies and cookies from scratch
I'm not even handy with a needle or thread
But you'll never go hungry and I'll make your bed

I'll make your bed a place you can't wait to go
Softer than feathers and as sweet as a rose
Smooth satin pillows I will fluff for your head
And you'll want for nothin' and I'll make your bed

I'll love you to sleep at night, wake you with a kiss
Things that I can't do, I swear you won't miss
I promised forever on the day that we meet
That's love you truly and
I'll make your bed

~Dolly Parton
I'll make your bed
from the Slow Dancing With the Moon CD
From stone tablets to html code, it's not lost on me.
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