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Frieda: ahhh, that's because you can't see the fake eyelashes I had on, or the fake tattoos in that picture. I felt sticky. :P

MoN: did anyone ever tell you that you got that whole Sean Connery thing going? Neko's going to be sooooo pleased....

Sask: I'll give you hand- send me a message with what you need help with once you get back online.

RuneT: You rock. (You too, Frieda) I've always wanted to try that.

Quintondotcom: You're doing alright for yourself there, lad.

Ng: Yes, actually- did you go to high school in Oregon? J/K...but you do look alot like a girl I used to know....

Lapietra: C'mon, fess up! Watchya been up to?!? Nothin' but trouble, by the looks of your smile....
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