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Whoa! I go away for a day or two & the rumors start flyin'....

I *always* smile like that! Hmmmmm.... this explains a few things... me 'n' the Mona Lisa...

Let's just say - I think I was on a little date when that pic was taken...

I agree with saskuoch - seems like everybody on this board made out lucky in the looks department - I suggest we all give our parents a round of applause. Yay, gene pool. Too bad I didn't get the one that allows you to figure out how to make buckets and buckets of money...legally, I mean.

zenbabe: I can't find the thread where I posted my headshot - I need a new one 'cos this one is kinda formal & old fashioned... maybe I'll just use the sneaky one... hmmmmm... anyway, here it is.

Okay - now you!
As long as the world is turning and spinning, we're gonna be dizzy and we're gonna make mistakes. ~ Mel Brooks

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