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Originally Posted by Brynn View Post
Wait a minute - the girl in the picture is an old friend of yours? Wha -?
I posted the goosebump image because I got them after thinking of my darling friend S, who died a number of years ago. I loved her so. She used to call me her advisor, but really she advised me. I still think of her when I need advice. So I was needing advice that day, and while I was fretting and working on the computer, I played "When the Roses Bloom Again" by Wilco on youtube, and that made me think of her, because their version of "California Stars" had significant meaning to us. I wished I could talk to her again, as I often do, and though youtube was minimized and there's no way I could have clicked on a sidebar or something, "California Stars" came on next, without any apparent stimulus.

I sat there smiling and shivering for a bit, and felt better.
Did I mention how I loved her so?
Good, good.
Because I surely did.
She was one of the most amazing, stunning people I have ever met, and I owe her one.
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