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Originally Posted by craig johnston View Post
how do they survive?

That's a good question! Not only we have no naughtyness - cheeky=frech I'd say - at least not in form of an own word, but most of our time awake we spend with Nabelschau (extremely excessive selfreflection, literally 'navel-watch') which due to our national character all too often ends in Selbstzerfleischung (tearing oneself metaphorically to shreds), Endzeitstimmung (apocalyptic feeling), Weltschmerz...
Ach, already feel this wonderful melancholy creeping inside me again!

But at least in my native tongue, we got a noun: When a female behaves naughty, she 's called a Matz in Bavarian (that's what my grandpa calls me when he's just not calling me Wackerl ), but it's not purely naughtyness, it also contain's 'being a trickster'/'getting away with everything'. This quality is even more present in the male equivalent Hundling. Actually both of these words can be used in the whole palette reaching from bad cursing at someone to attributing one's total respect to somebody. Originally both words also contained 'morally loose' in a negative connotation, but nowerdays it's overwhelmingly used in a positive sense - so there's hope for the rednecks in Stoiberland!

Et maintenant, mesdames et mesieurs, excusez-moi:
Have to watch my navel... not that I become un-German here!

Actually a beautiful navel. Well for that belly above it I should start doing these sit-up thingies again. Should I pierce my navel? That's so out now, it should soon become in again, or? ... Oh, ****, am not good at Nabelschau, do I have to give back my passport now??
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