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Yea! Europe

My mom and I are doing our European tour. We arrive in Holland on September 30, (home on October 15) and go through the following countries:

Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, and England.

It is with a tour group, and we only spend one night per city in every country we go to. Soooo... being able to do laundry is out of the question, I don't think there will be time to do it.

I need advice on what to pack. I think I can get away with five pairs of pants, maybe 8 shirts, one pair of tennis shoes (the tour guide said that we will be doing a lot of walking), 15 pairs of underwear, 15 pairs of socks, 5-6 bras, a rain coat, and maybe three or four sweaters/sweatshirts.

I have made sure I have enough contact lenses, found my glasses, and must contact my health insurance company before I go in case anything happens to know what to do. I also need to know if Discover Card is welcomed over there.

Can you guys think of anything else? Helpful hints?

I have been to Belgium, northern France, and Holland before, but I was an exchange student and had a family looking out for me. This time, it is a tour guide, and I will be taken care of, but mom and I will have some time on our own to do lunch and what not. I am not nervous about being alone in any other country other than France. They did not seem to like me when I was 17, I tried to be friendly but they were not having it. So, If any of you have advice, I would appreciate it.
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