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Hi Frieda,

Thanks, I will be there. I will pm the information to you. Thanks for the advice.

Originally Posted by Frieda View Post
hey, i thought you were coming to the NLs too??

i'd take twice the amount of socks as you have days on your trip.. because after a long day of walking you will want to soak in the bathtub or have a nice shower and, well, you really don't want to put on the same socks again, especially with sore feet!

then i'd want to wear a new shirt every day and mix that with sweatshirts or cardigans, i'd take one pair of fancy shoes and a blouse that you can mix with a nice black pair of pants for going out in a fancy restaurant or something..

ummm... oh, bring the prescription for your lenses, so in case of trouble you can buy new ones, bring an umbrella and dont put your money in your back pocket! i'd bring shoes that you use every day for walking.. not the tennis shoes.. unless you walk every day on those of course..

are you taking any european flights? because there are some weird rules about hand baggage.. can't bring any liquids click for info

Visa is accepted almost everywhere, i've never heard of the Discover Card.

When in France, try to speak french, greet people in french, ask if they speak english.. that helps, because at least you tried!

and the stereotyped american tourist here is loud and yells and only uses a fork (with the right hand!) in restaurants, .. so pleeeaaaase don't be like that
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