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Originally Posted by brightpearl View Post
..that time

-it seems a long time ago now even though it's a wink to a stone-

when you were riding in the backseat of the car, and the conversation of the people around you faded into whatever those conversations are and only that, and for some reason

-you still wonder why sometimes, what jogged such an innocuous movement of such import-

no reason at all really, you looked away from the blur outside the window down to your hand, light shining on each nail, each fine hair on your knuckles, fingers aligned along a crease in the fabric of your trousers, and you puzzled at how they still looked so real, when you had by then done enough thinking to know that they cannot be said to exist in the way your brain pretends they do, and it clicked in that long moment, speeding by, how we can only understand what is this thing called real-ness by seeing that we can never grasp, not even a little bit, what we already know to be true.
beryl, that sounds a lot like the opening paragraph of my forthcoming novel zen and the art of recumbent bicycle maintenance
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