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waaaaaaa :)
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^Where's the switch of that machine?!
(May need to find it Mo morning when I will "really, really, start to write like 10 pages / day and overwork all the shite I already wrote")

Gives me happies:
Originally Posted by auntie aubrey View Post
thank you. that and a good dose of darvocet have made me feel much better.

i called my obgyn and asked her for baby-safe medicines so now i've got antibiotics and pain meds.

And boss (the bestest and kindest and coolest of all bosses) just called me:
He has organised me a post-doc contract from July till Dec -- SOOOO COOOOOL!!!!!!

(I'm used to <= 3 month contracts, plus it was very unsure whether he can organise anything for me at all, as much he'd like to -- I dug out those fancy project for my post doc thing-a-do he always spoke of )
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