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i'm really sorry you have to deal with such a bitch for a doctor, auntie.. sounds like she's been inspired by dr. House.

it sounds familiar to me-- i've had the same experience with physical therapists-- haven't found a single one that doesn't act like you described. i've had 4 so far. what i do, because i don't allow anybody to shit me on the head anymore, i ask questions until they no longer have answers. then i tell them they suck big hairy balls because they are incompetent and ignorant and leave the fwking practice.

i've had physical therapists tell me there's no edema in my ankle (you couldn't see the ankle bones anymore, it was that swollen), that CRPS is in my head (yeah that's probably why my foot is blue), that CRPS doesn't really hurt but i think it will hurt so it hurts (it's Complex Regional PAIN Syndrome, duh, it hurts like hell) and more of that bullshit. they just don't know what they're talking about. which is the reason, but no excuse for treating anyone like that.

my advice is to leave the practice and/or make sure she apologizes to your face for her behavior. there's no reason in the world why she should be treating you like that, you deserve better!
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