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Fish Thoughts: The Boread
...ruit alto a culmine... -- Vergil
Nick Humez

Seattle dreads the humble gribble,
said to be boring through its piers
while heroes rant, and sages quibble,
enlivening this vale of tears.

A humble fishy thing to cobble
together verses apt upon!
Though earth upon its axis wobble,
and shysters shy, and con-men con,

and toil us fret, and taxes trouble,
let's pause a moment to admire
as gribbles efforts small redouble:
Seattle topples; Troy's on fire.

Zebra Mussels
Marcus Bales

In Cleveland it's the zebra mussel
Clogging intake mesh and flows,
Where water-users had to hustle
As the water-level rose.

Desperately from each house lunges,
Dressing scrambling through each door,
The citizens go fish for sponges
Up and down the civic shore.

Fierce with plain determination,
Wresting sponges from the nets,
They slowly halt the lake's inflation
Then pause to light their cigarets.

Then "Out! All out!" the word is shouted.
CEI and Muni Light
Have every volt and amp re-routed,
Checked and re-checked til they're right.

All at once they throw their switches --
Erie's bathed in eerie gleams
Til every zebra mussel twitches,
Dead in bright electric dreams.

Saved at last! The flowing water
Rushes through the pipes to pass
Into hoses where it ought to
Change to green the lawn's brown grass.
My strength is as the strength of eight --
My heart is nearly pure.
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