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Originally posted by nycwriters
It's OK Spart. Really.

Some people just don't like me, and that's fine. I was actually surprised it took this long.

I'd hate to see you get towed under in this undercurrent. It's not worth it.
I'm not usually one to get caught up in a message board fracas (usually I take the attitude of Alice in Wonderland -- "Why, you're nothing but pack of cards!" -- LOL), but that remark yesterday was just plain mean and uncalled for.

Usually, I don't consider it any of my busines when someone's being an asshole, being mean, or thinks, mistakenly or not, that being ugly and nasty is amusing. That's their stuff. It's eminently ignorable. LOL

But when someone is being mean to a friend, even "just" a virtual acquaintance, particularly one who's going through a rough time, I lose my temper. There's no excuse for that kind of crap. There's plenty in the big old world to make fun of, tear down or throw rocks at, virtual or otherwise, without being mean to someone who's up against it.
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