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Originally Posted by Frieda View Post
i mean, it's a serious question you know. i still don't know about vegetarianism. it's painful to eat an animal, but plants keep on living after you cut them off from their roots. you are actually eating them alive.
Yes. But it's an organism without a brain, merely just different parts doing different stuff.
Fruit fo instance, is made sweet so like it should be eaten and seeds are being spread in the poo.
A tree will kill off all its leaves before winter to conserve energy. Other plants die just to barely scrape by under the soil and then come back later.
Plants kill eachother when fighting for light, soil and water.

Eat your ****ing salad!

However I also find it somwhat disturbing to eat animals. Soon they will grow meat in labs. lab meat. yeah. mmm. free range lab meat is allowed to run around freely in the lab.
Before then, we should eat better quality meat (free range) and less of it. Make a feature of it. Stop eating crap meat products. And for god sake stop feading meat to animals. Drop burgers and dogs.

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