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Originally posted by bwallach
In indoneiisia. theres a pact with cows. they are concidered relgious as all animals over there are.
BW: Sorry to a be a language Nazi, but I think you mean that the cows are "sacred." If the cows were religious, I am sure they would be considerably less docile than they are. They would probably be attacking Jews or blowing up mosques, or sending their calves to flight school so they could use commercial jets as missiles. The world is a dangerous enough place with religious people; let's hope cow's don't turn to god. It would be sure to spell the end of civilization. (And just imagine how it would complicate the subject of animal rights!)

(And BTW, this pact: I didn't know cows could use pens! Did these cows sign the agreement themselves, or did a PETA lawyer do it for them?)
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