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TWO bungling bandits who stole a bag of bread rolls instead of cash before one accidentally shot the other have been labelled "the keystone robbers" by a judge.

Benjamin Jorgensen, 38, and Donna Hayes, 36, tried to hold up the Cuckoo Restaurant in Olinda on April Fool's Day last year, the County Court heard yesterday.

Prosecutor Brian Halpin told the court Jorgensen carried a sawn-off shotgun as he and Hayes confronted manager Peter Schmidt leaving the restaurant at night carrying a black plastic bag.

Jorgensen yelled at the manager, "Give me the bag or I'll blow your head off ", to which Mr Schmidt replied, "What do you want with the bag? There's only bread rolls in there," Mr Halpin said.

But Mr Halpin said the pair believed the bag contained $30,000 in takings.

The court heard Jorgensen then accidentally fired the shotgun as Mr Schmidt offered him the bag.

Hayes was shot in the hip and immediately fell to the ground screaming, "You got me, You got me", as Jorgensen demanded the manager's car keys, which he then used on the wrong vehicle.

Judge Roland Williams said: "You've heard of the Keystone Cops. This is the keystone robbers."

But the judge described the incident as "a very serious armed robbery".
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