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Ballina's Big Prawn a raw point with townsfolk

THE Big Prawn is an icon of the NSW North Coast, but Ballina's fibreglass landmark is causing a big stink.

Owner Santo Pennisi wants to tear it down, but locals have vowed to raise it from the dead.

A Facebook petition to save the giant prawn has already attracted more than 500 followers.

One fan suggests: "Just give it a lick of new paint and it will look great again."

A local developer has also weighed into the debate, vowing to build a new prawn if the original can't be saved.

Mr Pennisi has asked Ballina council for permission to topple the 19-year-old prawn.

Mayor Phillip Silver said it's hard to say if the structure was "an icon or an eyesore".

Rumours are circulating that the prawn could be replaced with a huge pelican.

Developer Chris Condon, who built a 6m-high beer can atop a Cobar hotel in 1990, is a fan of giant things.

"I love it," he said. "You can't buy publicity like this for your town."

Mr Condon said it was unfortunate that the prawn has ended up in such disrepair.

"It could have met a better fate," he said.,00.html
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