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I have a quotation from Brian Keenan, the Irishman held hostage by Islamic fundamentalists/Palestinian guerrillas in Beirut:

"Aloneness is something we carry with us at all times, yet how do we understand it and, more importantly, how do we value it? Most of us hardly know where to begin to unearth this part of ourselves.

All our lives we are told that love, sharing, human community, is the ultimate source of all happiness and well-being. I am convinced that this is not wholly true, and that human happiness is heightened when human beings learn to cope with aloneness; when they learn how to navigate without love, companionship or the trappings of religion.

Aloneness is not a dreadful place once we understand how to be with ourselves on our own."

from 'Between Extremes' by Brian Keenan and John McCarthy
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